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Inspector summary

  1. Front brake pads remaining percentage 70%, Rear brake remaining percentage 70%.
  2. For battery and tires report see diagnostic attachment.
  3. 2 accidents reported
  4. recommend to do wheel alignment snd balancing
  5. upper and lower arm bushes minor weak, stabilizer link rod bushes minor weak
  6. steering pump minor leak
  7. suspension control degraded warning message
  8. Full body ppf except left side quarter panel


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Vehicle Diagnostic Reports

Vehicle specifications

Paddle Shifters
Rear View Camera
Front Parking Sensors
Rear Parking Sensors
Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS)
Front Airbags
Side Airbags
Tire Pressure Monitor
Interior - Entertainment
Digital Driver Display
Touch Screen
Interior - Comfort
Dual-Zone Climate Control AC
Keyless Start
Power Steering
Cruise Control
Driver Memory Seat
Passenger Memory Seat
Power Driver Seats
Power Passenger Seats
Power Front Windows
Power Locks
Power Mirrors
Soft Close Doors
Leather Seats
LED Headlight

Inspection Checklist

Body Exterior
Door locks / operation
Fuel filler cover / Petrol cap
General body condition
Electric Controls
Ignition lock / Starting system
Battery charging system
Rear lights
Indicator / Hazard lights
Reverse lights
Window operation
Wipers / Jet washers
Exhause System
Inlet manifold
Outlet manifold
Head shields and mountings
Joints and couplings
Catalytic converter
Keys and remove controls
Disc and pads
Hand brakes operation
Road Test
Engine - performance
Engine - excessive smoke
Evidence of overheating
Gearbox operation and noise level
Instruments and controls functioning
Suspension noise
Road holding stability
Warning lights suspension control degraded warning message
Wheels and Tyres
Front right tyre
Front left tyre
Back right tyre minor cracks
Back left tyre minor cracks
Interior and Luggage Compartment
Seat belts
Internal mirrors
Boot / Tailgate lock
Engine Compartment
Coolant level
Coolant leaks
Radiator cap
Hoses and pipes
Drive belts
Power steering fluid level
Engine oil level
External engine leaks steering pump minor leak
Engine mounts
Fuel pump and pipes
Cold starting
Fast idle when engine cold
Noise level when engine cold
Excess smoke
Suspension, Underframe and Steering
Engine underside leaks
Steering joints and ball joints
Steering rack
Chassis members
Power steering
Wheels, hubs and bearings
Pipes and hoses
Dampers and bushes upper and lower arm bushes, stabilizer link rod bushes minor weak
Sub frames and mountings
Evidence of floor / chassis corrosion

Damage points

damage points
Dent RE-Painted Faded Broken Scratch
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