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AutoHub was founded in 2020 by Elie Haikal, Mohammed Nawfleh an Salam Waddah to provide a mobile, hassle-free, one-stop solution that offers end-to-end auto services to help customers buy their car, with confidence. With the increase in second-hand car purchases, especially across borders, customers are unable to do test drives themselves and discover hidden faults. Neither are they auto-experts to know what to look for under the hood. This leads to costly mistakes and ‘rip-off’ prices.

We saw an opportunity to simplify and improve the second-hand car purchase experience and provide our customers with accurate information to negotiate the best deals and offer services that provide added peace of mind and convenience.

Our boots on the ground consist of highly trained, seasoned inspectors. Each one of our experts has first-hand experience with European, American and Asian car brands.

Together, Elie and Mohammed have over 25 years of experience in the Automotive Industry working for some of the biggest brands, on and offline, in the UAE.

We’re passionate about cars and you’re in safe hands with us!

AutoHub Team