Car valuation service - Purchase with confidence

AutoHub car valuation includes:

  • Engine and mechanical inspection
  • Full interior and exterior check (photographed)
  • Body check and accident history
  • Valuation certificate
  • Home service (anywhere in the UAE)
  • True market value assessment
  • *The valuation is based on factors governing the present-day market value and the condition of the vehicle.

When applying for an auto loan from a bank to purchase a used car, the bank will request a valuation certificate that can be issued by its eligible licensed partners. The vehicle valuation certificate will allow you to buy with confidence, be aware of the current market value of the car you are purchasing and minimize the risk of buying at a loss.

AutoHub is an authorized reliable car evaluation and inspection service provider in the UAE who could assist you .

Trusted by leading banks in the UAE

AutoHub vehicle services’ evaluation is authorized by the leading Banks in the U.A.E. for providing vehicle valuation services for Auto Loan.


Fast and convenient, our mobile workshop is equipped with all the necessary tools and latest technology to thoroughly inspect any vehicle anywhere in the UAE.

Certificate within 6 hours

Inspectors are available with one day’s notice and a full inspection takes up to two hours; you will receive the valuation certificate within 6 hours.

Automotive Experts

After inspecting the vehicle, our experts will use real-time databases to assess the true market value.

How It Works

  • 1
    You Book
    Book your car valuation
  • 2
    We Evaluate
    Our expert will inspect the car and assess market value
  • 3
    Certificate issued
    We provide you with a car valuation certificate
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Available Package

Type Of Vehicle Passenger & Commercial Vehicles
Price AED 365 (Inclusive of VAT)

Valuation certificate

Our vehicle evaluation certificate will help you get the loan from your selected bank to purchase the car you want. Our deep understanding of the bank’s requirements and our highly qualified inspectors will generate the report you’ll need to get the loan you applied for. Our reports will be delivered to you within 6 hours from

Brands we have inspected

We have inspected 8058 brands

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Do you submit the certificate directly to the Bank?

Yes, the digital certificate will be sent to you and to your bank representative.

At what stage do I order a car valuation?

It is the last step. When your loan is approved and your bank requests the valuation.

Why do I need a car valuation?

For an auto loan, the bank needs to know the real-time value and condition of your car.
For asset valuation

Can I use it for any bank?

No, it is only for the banks that we work with and they are mentioned on our website.

How long will it take to receive my valuation certificate?

From the time you place your order, we will schedule the inspection with the seller and you will receive the certificate within 6 hours of the inspection.