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Provides the most comprehensive coverage which mirrors the vehicle's manufacturer's warranty for its mechanical, electrical, and electronic components. It acts as an extension to the manufacturer's warranty for the period and/or kilometer range stated.



Covers most of the major mechanical and electronic parts of your vehicle taking into consideration expected wear and tear and forecasted mechanical faults that are likely to occur through years of ownership. Gold coverage extends to New Cars, where it almost matches the Platinum, and pre-owned (used) cars, where all major mechanical and electronic components are covered.



This warranty covers many components on the vehicle's manufacturer warranty, eradicating additional expenses on unexpected and expected car repairs.

What's covered




Gear Box




Final drive &
propeller shaft(s)


Front & Rear






ABS (Anti-lock
Brake System)




Air conditioning


Fuel system


Cooling system

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Used Car Extended Warranty?

A used car extended warranty helps cover the cost of repairs and replacement parts on a vehicle, due to mechanical or electrical failure. Essentially, a car extended warranty eliminates out of pocket unexpected expense and gives peace of mind to vehicle owners.

What level of Extended Warranty Cover can I choose?

Depending on your vehicle make, model, model year and mileage; YallaMotor will propose the best cover suitable for your vehicle.

Is my car eligible for an Extended Warranty?

There are also specific types of vehicles we don’t cover such as Electric & hybrid vehicles, Commercial, taxis etc. You can see our full list of excluded vehicles here. (We can create a link that will take you to a new page with below description)

  • 1.Exotic Vehicles (Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Ford GT/RS, Lotus, etc.)
  • 2.That are registered in the name of a dealer or their associated companies
  • 3.Whose weight exceeds 3.5 metric tons
  • 4.That are intended for export
  • 5.That are sold to commercial re-sellers, or taxis, rental cars, driving schools,military, police, courier or delivery vehicles and invalid carrier
  • 6.Electrical Powered Vehicles and Hybrid Vehicles
  • 7.Used for a purpose for which it is not licensed or which was originally purchased for:
  • 8.Whose original vehicle design has been modified (i.e. by tuning, installation of third-party parts or accessories not supported by Manufacturer), particularly if these changes affect the technical specifications, safety standards of the vehicle. Exempt from this exclusion are approved modifications made by Manufacturer.
Why should I buy my Extended Warranty from GAPCorp?

For over 22 years, GAPCorp have been partnering with major car manufacturers to provide extended warranty for their customers. We currently underwrite extended warranty for leading German, Japanese and American car manufacturers, and it’s this experience and expertise that we want to give to all customers.


What are the required documents to issue my Extended Warranty Policy?

Pre-Warranty checklist from Autohub Registration Card copy.

When does my policy start and end?

If you have an existing Manufacturer warranty, your Extended Warranty cover will start the day after your existing manufacturer warranty expires.

If you do not have an existing Manufacturer warranty, your Extended Warranty cover will begin 30 days or 3,000 Km(Black-out period) after you have purchased the policy.

Can I cancel my Extended Warranty Policy?

Subject to Administrator approval and payment of cancelation fee, this Extended Warranty can be cancelled by the Owner at any stage throughout the duration of the cover. However, no refund in part or whole will be made if there is any repair paid on the vehicle or the contract period has started.


How much does an Extended Warranty cost?

The price of our Extended Warranty varies depending on a number of factors, you’ll receive a quote that’s unique to your vehicle.

How can I Pay for my Extended Warranty?

Online payment to Autohub (please elaborate further)

Can I Transfer my Extended Warranty?

Subject to Administrators approval and payment of transfer fee, this Extended Warranty policy shall be transferable to a new private Owner only.


What do I need to do if I think there’s a problem with a covered part on my vehicle?

In the event that your vehicle requires repair, the following procedure should be followed:

  • 1.Immediately take your vehicle to Authorized Repair Centre (As mentioned in your Extended Warranty Booklet)
  • 2.Inform them that your vehicle is covered by Extended Warranty
  • 3.Present your Extended Warranty policy to the repair centre
  • 4.The Authorized Repair Centre must be given permission by the owner to carry out any fault finding/diagnosis or dismantling.
  • 5.The repair centre will then diagnose the required repair(s) and process for authorisation
  • 6.All claims must be supported with the relevant documentation
  • 7.Sign the invoice on completion of the required repair(s) when collecting your vehicle.
What is the maximum claim limit?

We offer 3 levels of Extended Warranty cover.

Platinum: is up to the fair market value of the vehicle at the time of the claim

Gold: +1 Year Extension is up to a maximum of 13,000 USD or car market value whichever is less, + 2 Years Extension is up to a maximum of 15,000 USD or car market value whichever is less

Silver: +1 Year Extension is up to a maximum of 5,000 USD or car market value whichever is less; +2 Years Extension: Up to a maximum of 7,500 USD or car market value whichever is less