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AutoHub’s pre-purchase inspection includes:

  • Inspection at seller’s location
  • Engine and mechanical inspection
  • Test drive based on the seller's approval
  • General performance, noise, fluid condition check-up
  • 248-point inspection report
  • Rims, tyres and brake system check
  • Computerized diagnostic report
  • Suspension check
  • Vehicle specifications report
  • Under-body check
  • Full interior and exterior check (+ video and photos)
  • Chassis check
  • View sample report

Buying a car is a serious investment and can be challenging. At AutoHub, we offer you the pre purchase inspection you need to buy with confidence and negotiate a fair price. We equip you with detailed inspection reports, pictures and videos to help you decide on your next car purchase

We are an independent third party that will inspect the car of your choice and assess its condition inside and out.

Whether booking your pre-purchase inspection or reviewing reports, you can do it all online from the comfort of your home!

Report within 6 hours

- Fast Facts -
Our inspection reports arm you with the data you need to help you negotiate a better price and purchase the car you want, with confidence.


- Convenient -
With our highly equipped mobile workshop, we are able to inspect the car wherever it is in the UAE with one day's notice.

Automotive Experts

- Peace of mind -
Thanks to our highly experienced inspectors and the use of the latest technology, we are able to find hidden faults and suboptimal performance.

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How it works

  • 1
    You Book
    Book a pre-purchase inspection with AutoHub
    We’ll arrange a date and time with the seller
  • 2
    We inspect
    AutoHub technicians perform the inspection and vehicle performance checks
  • 3
    You decide
    Check your email for the pre-purchase inspection reports, video and photos
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  • We bring you over 25 years of experience in the automotive industry.
  • Your one-stop solution for all your car needs.
  • Pre-purchase inspection, extended warranty, insurance and sell your car.
  • Our team of technicians bring our services to your doorstep with our specialized mobile equipment.
  • Drive your car with confidence and hassle-free.
  • Any car, anywhere, fast.

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At AutoHub, we are committed to delivering exceptional service and unparalleled quality.

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Frequently asked questions

Where does AutoHub operate?

AutoHub has a mobile service that operates all over the UAE.

When is it a good time to do a pre-purchase inspection?

A pre-purchase inspection is preferred before buying the car and before negotiating the price because the inspection will equip you with the report you need to bargain.

When will I receive the report?

All reports, videos and photos will be sent directly to your inbox within 6 hours of the inspection taking place.

Is my presence required at the inspection?

No need to; we do it for you.

How long does it take to do the inspection?

The inspection takes around two hours.

What is included in the inspection?

The inspection includes photos and a video shooting, mechanical and computerized reports as well as a specification checklist with functionality and a test drive.

When can I have my car inspected?

We operate seven days per week, Saturday through Thursday. However, we do make exceptions based on the seller’s availability.

When do I pay for the pre-purchase inspection?

You are requested to pay upfront at the time of booking.

What if I want to postpone or cancel the pre-purchase inspection?

Our team is usually dispatched within 24 hours of you booking a pre-purchase inspection with an SMS sent to the mobile number you have provided to confirm the booking. In case you want to cancel or move the inspection, you must inform us 8 hours before the inspection is set to take place.

What if I don’t want to buy the car anymore?

If you decide that you don’t want to buy the car anymore and it is at least 8 hours before the inspection takes place, you can cancel and you will have an inspection credit on your account.

What if the car I wanted to buy showed many issues during the inspection and I decided not to buy it anymore and I need another inspection for another car, do I get a discount?

Yes, we offer discounts on the second inspection booked within 14 days of the previous one

What if the car was sold before it got inspected?

Rarely does it happen, but it has happened. If the car is sold before our inspectors arrive, we’ll inspect the next car for free.

What if the car was sold after it got inspected?

There are some things we can’t control and one of them is the seller selling their car. If this happens, we’ll need proof this is the case and we’ll give you a discount on your next pre-purchase inspection.

What are the terms for inspecting a car?

Our technicians can inspect any car in the UAE whether it is old or new, European, Americana or Japanese, commercial or private.

Is pre-purchase inspection available for motorcycles?

Unfortunately, pre-purchase inspection is not currently available for motorcycles.

Does AutoHub only focus on car inspections?

No, we offer a wide range of other services such as extended warranty and car insurance. We have big plans for the future. Stay tuned and make sure to follow us on social media to stay up-to-date as new services are launched.

Do I need to get a new car inspected?

New cars don’t always come from the main dealer, they sit on independent dealer lots for some time. When this happens, these cars not only collect dust, but are prone to rust which can cause major damage that you won’t be able to detect.

What if I have any question related to the pre-purchase inspection report?

You can email the contact details provided on your inspection report and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.